The ASCU PRO is designed with focus to provide the highest durability on the field, and simplicity of install and use.
We designed the PRO with the same approach as real-steel guns are build. So no Bluetooth and smartphones here! You can’t connect a real-steel M4 or AK to a USB or smartphone – they are operated only by the safety lever and the trigger, so we did the same with the ASCU-PRO! You can set any of its functions on the field without even taking your gloves off.
The ASCU PRO is the smallest unit on the market, and it packs all functions that will give you the complete realism in functionality of your AEG replica. With the PRO, we have added a smart self-calibrating Pre-Cocking function, that will automatically find the best settings for your build.
We have protected the PRO with and unmatched short-circuit protection – the TSCP *


– Designed for all Version 3 gearboxes.
– Single board control unit with processor and MOSFET
– Cycle detection with Active Brake
– Safe/Single/Auto (4 preset options plus AK mode with reversed Semi and Auto)
– Pre-cocking (self-calibrating).
– Extremely fast semi-auto shots: 25/second
– Safety: mechanical


– Short circuit protection: TSCP* (Total Short Circuit Protection)
– Maximum supply voltage: 15 V
– Max burst load: 240 A
– Battery compatibility: all DC batteries available up to 15V
– Battery connector: T-connector (new standard for airsoft)
– Wires 16 AWG with PTFE insulation.

*TSCP will detect a short-circuit any time from the moment the battery is connected to the moment it is disconnected.
The system checks for short-circuit:
– on battery connection;
– every time the trigger is pressed;
– when motor spins.
If short-circuit or overload is detected the system will immediately kill all processes and shut down the system. To reset the unit, the battery has to be disconnected and reconnected. ASCU will resume normal function once the short-circuit is fixed.
All ASCU boards are designed and manufactured in EU with strict quality control.

Selectable fire modes

Safe + Semi + 3 Rnd Burst + Full Auto
Safe + Semi + Full Auto (The usual)
Safe + Semi + 3 Rnd Burst (Like a real M16)
Safe + Semi Only (If skirmish areas have a certain rule)