ASCU 2 Pro is a hi-end electronic module, which is developed for version 2 gearboxes. Once installed in airsoft replicas, significantly improves their operation to match the most expensive and complicated PTW replicas in gearbox function.


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ASCU oversees the replica’s gearbox operation no matter the speed with which the trigger was squeezed and it is responsible for completing a full cycle of the piston’s operation, both in semi-auto and full-auto modes. After each shot, the piston stops in its exact starting position.
ASCU features a Low Drain Protection system specially designed to protect lithium-ion batteries (LiPo) from damage.
ASCU stops the replica’s firing cycle in case of any problems, this protecting the internal elements from further damage.
The sensor unit monitors the operation of the sector gear and thanks to that the whole system is capable of completing full cycles of the gearbox operation (a BB will never remain in the barrel when the magazine has been pulled and the spring will never be strained when the replica is idle).

Selectable fire modes:
Safe + Semi + 3 Rnd Burst + Full Auto
Safe + Semi + Full Auto
Safe + Semi + 3 Rnd Burst
Safe + Semi Only (If skirmish areas have a certain rule)